Sea salt has been produced in Dorset since prehistoric times and is a product of the evaporation of sea water. Dorset sea salt has been used in cooking for centuries and centuries, it has also been variously known as bay salt and solar salt.

It is directly obtained from the Sea instead of from sedimentary deposits and some people feel that this gives it a better taste than salt which is mined.
In warmer countries the process of salt harvesting can be carried out using only the sun’s rays to evaporate the water content, however in cooler and more temperate climates other heat sources are use either entirely or to aid the process of evaporation.

Here at the Dorset sea salt company we use a blend of processes to achieve our world renowned sea salt taste.

The place that sea salt is harvested is called a salt works but can also be known by its ancient name of saltern.

The saltern was usually a place where the Coast was protected from the wild open sea and made working with the salt water easier, a sunny Coast was also helpful as was access to a major town to trade the resulting salt harvest.

At one time salt was more valuable than gold and many fortunes were built on this simple substance.

Nowadays we all take salt for granted as it is so commonplace however the Dorset sea salt company is bringing about a revival in this ancient craft food from the beautiful Jurassic Coast of Dorset and it’s the taste of this wonderful sea salt that customers and chefs both nationally and internationally keep coming back for.

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