Why we should all use sea salt

1st May 2018

“Sea Salt is born of the purest parents: the sun and the sea.” ― Pythagoras When an ingredient like sea salt has an ancient Greek philosopher like Pythagoras waxing poetic about it, you know it has to have […]

What makes Dorset Sea Salt Co. different?

10th April 2018

British sea salt producers have been harvesting the precious crystalline gift from our seas for thousands of years and there has been no longer or greater tradition of sea salt harvesting than that on the southern edge of […]

A history of sea salt in Dorset

10th April 2018

Sea salt has been produced in Dorset since prehistoric times and is a product of the evaporation of sea water. Dorset sea salt has been used in cooking for centuries and centuries, it has also been variously known […]

Sea salt from Dorset’s Jurassic Coast 

10th April 2018

Dorset’s coastline has so much to give us, dramatic and breathtaking views that feed our imaginations and souls, wonderful beaches on which we create memories with our families, crashing waves and crystal clear water, how perfect then to […]


7th February 2018

Sea salt, just putting those two words together makes an almost magical sound, conjuring up images of crashing waves, towering cliffs and moving, living, breathtaking scenery. Take sea salt beyond it’s simple and unassuming physical appearance, look closely […]