The answer is that yes absolutely no doubt about it Dorset sea salt is much better for you than table salt, I can almost hear all the cynics tutting at my claim and muttering under their breath that we at the Dorset sea salt company are bound to say that and that we are biased.

Well the fact is that sea salt generally is better for your health because it has non of the anti caking agents in it that processed table salt does, there is no added iodine and sea salt contains more minerals.

Even better news is the fact that the sea salt that is hand harvested here in Dorset, off the Jurassic Coast contains a blend of minerals that are totally and completely unique to this beautiful area of the world.

The sea salt that we harvest here at the Dorset sea salt company is the envy of the salt producing world and sought after by gourmet chefs and healthy eaters all over the country.

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