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3 Infused Sea Salt Gift Pack – Lemon & Thyme / Natural / Celery

The ideal gift for the discerning cook or kitchen.

Lemon & Thyme – Adding these delightfully blended Lemon and Thyme sea salt flakes increases a citrus accent to your foods. The obvious use for this salt is to give your seafood dishes that zesty, and light Mediterranean taste. We like to use it as a delicious rub or added to a marinade for roast chicken.

Pure & Natural  – The classic of our product range. This is the product that got much acclaim and put Dorset Sea Salt on the map. Hand-harvested from the pristine mineral rich, and world-famous waters of the Jurassic coast. To be used within or to finish the cooking process, these briny flakes are bursting with an honest taste of Dorset.

This product works well on both sweet and savoury plates, from finely cut steaks to chocolate brownies. Our favourite use of pure Dorset sea salt flakes is to sprinkle it on warm bread, honey and peanut butter in the morning.

Celery – This aromatic salt flake and celery blend will add fragrant notes to your food. This finely balanced flake salt is perfect for crisping up the rind when roasting pork or finishing an egg salad. It’s a must have when making homemade coleslaw too.


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