Why would our leading chefs and restaurateurs seek out pure Dorset sea salt to use in their culinary creations instead of being happy to just throw in any old salt?

There is an easy answer to that question and it’s that the salt harvested from the sea off the Jurassic Coast of Dorset contains a very specific minerals makeup not found anywhere else, making salt from the sea in this area a very sought after and specific type of sea salt.That along with the traditional methods employed in harvesting our sea salt is what makes our brilliant Dorset sea salt so highly prized and desirable.

Sea salt harvested from the sea off the Dorset Coast in England is now available to discerning chefs, restaurateurs and hotels the whole world over.

To take advantage of the taste of Dorset and procure what we think is the worlds finest tasting and flavoursome freshly harvested sea salt get in touch with us here at the Dorset Sea Salt Company and let us help make you and you customer’s taste buds tingle with delight at the great that is Dorset sea salt.

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