Sea salt, just putting those two words together makes an almost magical sound, conjuring up images of crashing waves, towering cliffs and moving, living, breathtaking scenery.

Take sea salt beyond it’s simple and unassuming physical appearance, look closely at where it comes from and how we humans have harvested it and you plunge yourself into a world of history, riches and adventure.

Just try describing the taste of sea salt and you can find yourself defeated or whiling an entire day and still not come up with an adequate way to describe it.

Imagine having never tasted sea salt, imagine the very first touch of it on your tongue, the way it sends spasms of pulsing messages of pure taste bud joy to your brain.

It isn’t only the taste of sea salt that makes it simple yet wonderful all at the same time, it is so much more.

Claimed back from the deep swirling waters of the oceans around the world, sea salt may have traveled further than the individual consuming it with paroxysms of pleasure on some otherwise bland dish.

This organic gift from one of nature’s wildest and most mysterious domains has the power to give untold pleasure to everyone from a king to a beggar and there is no finer sea salt than that which is claimed from the clear waters off the Jurassic coast of Dorset.

To experience this wonderful gift from the sea call us here at the Dorset Sea Salt company today.

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