Pure Sea Salt

Dorset’s coastline has so much to give us, dramatic and breathtaking views that feed our imaginations and souls, wonderful beaches on which we create memories with our families, crashing waves and crystal clear water, how perfect then to be able to draw a pure and natural food from this stunning and wondrous area of our beautiful England, sea salt from Dorset.

The salt that we reclaim from the sea off the fantastic Dorset Jurassic Coast is special because of the unbelievably clear waters of the Dorset coast, with a unequaled mix of minerals that create the perfect sea salt to harvest from the sea.

Sea salt harvested from this area of the Coast is special and unique in its makeup, this being one of the main reasons Dorset sea salt is sought after by chefs both nationally and internationally, for its unrivalled and full flavour.

One of the reasons that the Dorset sea salt company was founded by us was because of the fantastic history of sea salt harvesting in the area stretching back into Saxon times and beyond, making this a craft industry with so much history behind.

A truly positive outcome for the Dorset sea salt company was when the Princes Trust agreed to help out and bring the idea into a reality thus helping to create a new business using an Age old traditional craft.

Sea salt could be viewed as the ultimate natural food gifted to us by mother nature.

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