Sea Salt

One of the most exciting and terrifying journeys any person can begin is taking the first tottering step on the roller coaster ride that is starting out in a new business venture.

Deciding on what path to take is one of the most confusing, scary but fantastic projects to be part of.
Settling on creating a Sea Salt harvesting business might seem like a rather peculiar choice but actually it was a complete no brainer.

Harvesting Sea Salt is an artisan craft with centuries of history behind it on the Dorset Coast.

Salt pans have been used in the area since saxon times and it is likely that there were salt pans being used even as far back as the Iron Age.

Breathing new life into this centuries old tradition is more of a labour of love than anything else.

The pleasure in keeping an ancient Dorset craft alive for future generations to enjoy means that this is a business unlike any other and therefore going to work each day is a joy.

Adding to the positive elements of this steeped in history, craft enterprise, is the wonderful fact that the end salt harvested by the us at the Dorset Sea Salt company is created using the clear waters off our beautiful Jurassic Coast.

Sea salt from the Dorset Coast tastes like no other sea salt because of the particular minerals found in our waters.

To try a taste of our ancient Jurassic Coast harvested sea salt call us today at the Dorset sea salt company.