British sea salt producers have been harvesting the precious crystalline gift from our seas for thousands of years and there has been no longer or greater tradition of sea salt harvesting than that on the southern edge of our beautiful coastline down in Dorset, the salt pans on Portland generate some of the finest sea salt in the British isles and so when setting up the new Dorset sea salt company to continue this ancient tradition of harvesting in the fabulous setting of the Jurassic Dorset Coast it was a great weight of responsibility to be sure that the tremendous quality was kept up and only the finest and cleanest sea water is ever used in our harvesting process.

The waters off Portland are monitored every day by the eagle eyes and water monitors of the environment agency and as such we only draw our crystal clear water on days that are cleared by the environment agency.

The process of setting up the new Dorset sea salt company has attracted so much attention that even the Prince’s Trust got involved and backed us making the whole project jump off the pages of our initial plan to become a real live working business that brought the centuries old tradition back to life here in Dorset.

Dorset sea salt has become so popular with gourmet chefs and high end catering businesses he real challenge is to keep up with demand whilst adhering to our cottage industry beliefs and practises.

The fact that sea salt produced in our beautiful clear waters here in Dorset contains a very specific set of minerals that are found only in here, this means our sea salt has a taste that only Dorset produced sea salt has and this is why it is now in such demand both as an exquisite addition to our food and also to be used for its health giving properties.

The ordering process here at the Dorset sea salt company could not be easier and for any special orders or international orders you would be best advised to drop us a quick email enquiry and then we can make absolutely sure that you will receive our very best and closes attention, making sure that the ordering and delivery process is as stand out wonderful as the sea salt itself.

Bringing the highest quality natural product to our customers is our number one concern in life and we aim to get it right every time and to make our delivery as high quality as the wonderful sea salt we harvest from our wonderful coastal waters.