Dorset Sea Salt Butter-Board

Dorset Sea Salt Butter-Board

Have you seen the latest trend on tiktok? Butter-boards are taking the world of social media by storm. So here at Dorset Sea Salt company we thought we would give you are recipe for a super tasty butter-board topped with our very own beetroot salt. As well as giving your board a wonderful earthy beetroot taste the super pink grains add so much colour to your butter board. It makes a stunning starter for a dinner party or nibbles with wine on a special night in






For our butter board



75g Softened unsalted butter



75g Whipped soft creamy cheese




A good drizzle of balsamic vinegar glaze (or if you have a sweet tooth use honey instead)



Handful of rocket leaves



Fresh herbs (I used fennel as I love the flavour and its growing in my garden)



3 Pickled gherkins sliced



4 Walnuts crushed in to small pieces



2 Spring onions sliced



2 Slices of Serrano ham



A pinch of Dorset Sea Beetroot salt



A sprinkle of edible petals



Rye or soda bread for serving






Other things you can add to your butter board



Fruit- apples, figs, pairs, grapes



Chutney, Jams, olives the list is endless






Start by getting yourself a chopping board.



Then with a butter knife spread a repeat pattern of butter then soft cheese across your board.



Once you are filled your whole board you can start with your toppings.



Add your ham then your salad leaves in lines.



Then your pickles, walnuts and spring onions sprinkled evenly across your board.



Making a nice zigzag pattern drizzle your balsamic glaze across the top.



Topped with the beetroot salt and edible petals for added taste and colour.



Then serve your beautiful butter board with your favourite fresh bread.



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