How it started.

The Dorset Sea Salt company was founded in 2017 as a Princes trust supported business. The business started after Jethro realised that salt production was once an extremely important industry on Portland, and one that had since vanished due to industrialisation. The salt making adventure saw us achieve our first stockist in weymouth town centre in 2017, to now having listings with some of the most esteemed retailers and wholesalers in the UK. It has been our mission ever since to revive the salt making industry on the Isle of Portland, and to breathe life back into our stunning coastal town.

Our salt.

Every flake of our sea salt is created at our salt works on Portland, Dorset, using pristine seawater collected from Chesil beach. Producing award winning flake salt is our quiet art, and is what put us on that radar of so many top chefs all over the world. Our Dorset brine is enriched with sea derived electrolytes to allow each flake to form in optimum conditions. The delicate alchemy of salt making demands exact temperatures and concentrations of seawaters, brines and electrolytes. As a result, only the most skilful team know exactly when our salt flakes are ready for harvest. Each shard of salt is painstakingly drawn from our salt pans, slowly dried and packed before being dispatched to foodies all over the world.

Although our natural salt flakes put us on the map, we have evolved to become specialist purveyors of salts and seasoning. We didn’t go through all this trouble for fish and chips though. To us seasoning isn’t just a garnish, it’s a key ingredient. Our salt flakes add unrivalled flavour to focaccia, our fine salt expertly cures fish or and our rubs will take your marinades to the next level. With our products you will feel the flavour at your fingertips, and be free to cook creatively.