perfect porridge, beetroot salt, Dorset sea salt

Perfect Porridge

Potentially a super fast start to the day, too many people are addicted to the finely milled overly sweetened version you get in branded packets that are destined for the microwave.


Use quality ingredients and take your time, this staple can be turned into a healthy delight that does not break the budget. Hodmadods supply UK grown quality oats and paired with grated apple and with a few pinches of Dorset Beetroot and Apple Sea Salt, you end with a hearty slightly earthy savory breakfast with fruit.


Per person

50g oats ½ toasted in a skillet to caramalise for extra flavor depth.

1 grated apple, (2 crab apple if available instead of a standard apple)

150ml water

150ml full fat unhomogenised milk (La Fosse at Cranborne uses Meggy Moos family dairy from north Dorset).


The night before toast the oats then soak in the water over night.

20 minutes before your breakfast add the grated apple and milk.

Cook slowly in a heavy bottom pan (Harts of Stur are fantastic for online equipment sales).

Add the beetroot and apple salt to taste whilst cooking.

The oats will swell and break down whilst some of the toasted oats will add extra texture.


Enjoy the earthy flavor of the beetroot combined with the sweetness of the toasted oats and the apple .

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