Spicy zesty chicken thighs and crunchy chickpeas with a couscous salad

Spicy zesty chicken thighs and crunchy chickpeas with a couscous salad

This is a great way to spice up your chicken with Dorset sea salt zesty zingy rub. The flavoursome lemon, ginger and cumin rub, mixed with honey makes for a fabulous sweet and spicy coating for the chicken and crunchy chickpeas.

For the spicy chicken and chickpeas-serves 4

4 skin on bone in large chicken thighs

3 tbsp Dorset sea salt zesty zing rub

4 tbsp drizzly honey

3 tbsp olive oil

1 red onion cut in to large chunks

1 tin of chickpeas drained

1/2 lemon sliced


For the couscous salad

200g of couscous

15 almonds roughly chopped

½ red onion finely chopped

1/2 cucumber finely chopped

3 tbsp of pomegranate seeds

Juice and zest from1/2 a lemon

freshly chopped coriander and mint

1tsp of Dorset chilli sea salt


1. Heat the oven  to 200c / gas mark 6


2. In a large bowl mix the honey, the zesty zing rub and the oil. Then add the chicken thighs and give them a good coating of the spicy mixture before placing on a baking try. Then add the chickpeas, lemon slices and onion chunks to your bowl and give them a good mix before adding to the baking try with the chicken.

Place the backing tray in the oven for 30/40 mins until the chicken is completely cooked.


3. While you chicken is in the oven you have plenty of time to make your couscous salad.

In a saucepan bring 300ml of water to the boil. Once the water is bubbling add your couscous stir, put the lid in your saucepan, turn off the heat and leave to stand for 5 minutes for the couscous to absorb all the water.


4. In a large bowl add the rest of the salad ingredient and mix well.

Stir the couscous with a folk in the saucepan once the 5 minutes are up to make the couscous light and fluffy, then add to your salad bowl and mix well.


5. Serve your spicy chicken and crunch chickpeas on top of the couscous salad, making sure you spoon over all the zesty spicy juices from the chicken and enjoy.



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