Why is sea salt good for you? 

Sea salt is good for you because the mineral profile of our brine is not too dissimilar the mineral profile of our bodies, in fact the mineral composition of seawater surrounding Dorset is the same as the amniotic fluid we are born in.

Why is sea salt more moist than normal table salt? 

Dorset Sea Salt Co’s salt is slightly moister than other table salt. This is because we do not add any anti-clumping agents or any chemicals in our products. We recommend using our salt in a pinch pot or salt pig, rather than a grinder.

What is a low salt diet? 

A low salt diet is normally prescribed for people with high blood pressure. Most of the salt we consume comes from processed food like bread, preserved meat, sauces and sweet snacks. You can keep an eye out for salt intake by reading the salt content of foods on the packaging. Our daily recommended allowance of salt, for adults, is 6 grams.